How To Select The Best Diamond Engagement Ring

What is an engagement ring? The ring is worn on the ring finger (which according to tradition contains the vein amoris). This vein passes through the left ring finger that connects directly to the heart. Traditionally, it is offered by a man to his lady when she agrees to marry him. The origin of the tradition of giving a ring is not precise, but it is believed that it comes from the Egyptians. In those times, gold rings were offered as a symbol of a serious relationship. However, now it’s all about the glorious and gigantic diamond. Today, our guide is on how to select the best diamond engagement ring in Los Angeles.

Many times men arrive at the store with the desire to find the perfect diamond engagement ring to ask for the hand of the love of his life. But many times, they have no idea how that engagement ring should be. It is merely a matter of organizing several points so that you find the most sparkling diamond engagement ring in Los Angeles that you would like so much to give to your beloved.

  1. The style 

While it may seem that choosing a diamond engagement ring for another person is not easy, you know very well the person you are going to marry and their tastes. It is valid if you feel disoriented in how the ring you like can be! Conveniently, you ask a friend or sister, your closest friend, or someone you think can also help you get clues. Nevertheless, an elegant diamond ring, with a stone in the center gives that touch of sobriety.

  1. Budget

You need to set a budget for a diamond ring. Yes, you will have to! You can find rings of all possible prices, so you will need a price range to start contemplating and discarding. There is a protocol used for the budget of the engagement ring. It is that the ring should cost three months of a man’s salary.

  1. The diamond and its type of cut

Several factors increase the value of the diamond and, therefore, make it look brighter and more spectacular. We can recommend that you look for excellent cut diamonds. These reflect almost all the light that enters and make the ring look amazing.  You should also consider the color of the diamond. There is a classification from D to Z. Diamonds D, E, F, and G are the closest to being colorless diamonds. The diamond that suits you is the most colorless possible, of course, considering the established budget. Another thing will be the cut of the diamond. The most popular is the round cut, but you can give a different touch with the pear, princess, marquise, oval cut, among others.

  1. Metal color

All right, you’ve already chosen the diamond. Now you’ll have to select the color of the frame material. White gold is the one most frequently chosen today because of its great versatility and elegance. But do not get carried away 100% for this, maybe your partner likes yellow gold or rose gold. So it will be a matter of you observing what kind of tone is your beloved’s favorite.

  1. Presentation

Complete this act of love with how you will propose the ring can be in an intimate dinner, on a trip, a request with the presence of your family or if it is something that both would like as a public proposal, go ahead. The important thing is to have planned how you will give it.

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring for the love of your life, we recommend you visit Los Angeles Diamond Seller. We will gladly guide you based on your needs, tastes, and requirements.

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