Planning The Perfect Proposal

There is no such thing as a wedding proposal that is a total surprise. Before the diamond ring is picked out there will usually be a discussion between the couple regarding the possibility of getting married. When that idea is agreed to in principle, then it falls to the groom-to-be to spring into action. If you’re in that enviable position, then these tips can help you pull off the perfect proposal.


Find the Ring

Before you head down to a diamond dealer in Los Angeles jewelry district, you’ll want to get a sense of what your soon-to-be fiancée likes in an engagement ring. You will be surprised at the level of specific details that they will provide to you. That makes your job easy. If you don’t want to ask right out, then just go to any jewelry store to “browse.” You’ll find out all you need to procure the perfect engagement ring.

It starts with examining GIA certified diamonds. When you buy diamonds in Los Angeles they can be loose diamonds offered by sale from a Los Angeles engagement ring specialist. You might find what you’re looking for in a batch of wholesale diamonds.

Not only will you be looking for color and clarity with those loose diamonds but also cut. Refer to that list of details your partner will provide! That will not only help you pick between a Princess cut or Pear cut. You should also know the type of setting that will be preferred between halo or solitaire to name just a few options.

Pick the Date

Next, you’ll want to pick the date for your planned proposal. It could be a classic romantic date like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. It could also be a date that has significance for you as a couple like the anniversary of your first date or when you first met. If you’re smart, then you’ll pick a date that is easy to remember. That will be vital in the years to come!

Choose the Place

Like the date for your proposal, the place that you choose should also have significance. It can be your favorite restaurant or at a family gathering where you’ll have plenty of happy witnesses.

No matter where you choose, just be sure to line up a photographer. You will want to capture that moment when you present your special diamond ring. It will be an amazing memory!

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