How To Pull Off The Perfect Engagement Ring Surprise?

Whenever a couple becomes engaged, it is never a total surprise. Typically, that couple will have had a few discussions about their future together. It then falls to the person who will be doing the “asking” to step up and pull off the engagement surprise. One of the most important aspects in planning that surprise is buying an engagement ring. Before that happens, you might need to get involved in some “covert operations.”

Get the Ring Size

If you ask a woman for her ring size, then she is going to know a diamond ring is in her immediate future. Instead, you can trace the inside circle of a ring that she wears that has taken off for the night. That can help a jeweler craft the perfect ring.


Get Clues for the Diamond

Buying an engagement ring will have you becoming somewhat of a diamond expert. You might want to go shopping with your girlfriend and let her wander towards a jewelry store. There she might point out what type of diamond is her favorite. Pay close attention because you’ll need to take that information to a diamond dealer. There is where you’ll search for GIA certified diamonds. That is a diamond that has been graded for its color, clarity, cut and carat weight. This is also known as the 4Cs of wholesale diamonds.

After you’ve got the best wholesale price for a diamond, you can have it placed in a setting. You might enlist the help of your girlfriend’s sister or best friend who knows what they like.


Get the Surprise Lined Up

Once the search for the engagement ring is completed, you’ll want to plan the perfect surprise for popping the question. This is a personal choice. It might involve just diner for two at a special restaurant. It might involve a family gathering where you’ll have plenty of witnesses. It might even involve a flash mob! No matter where you pop the question, just be sure there is a photographer standing by to capture the moment. When she says, “yes,” then you get to start planning the wedding. At least buying the wedding rings won’t have to be a surprise!

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