Diamond Care

How to take care of your diamond? Experts say that diamond is an investment but the question is, are you taking good care of your diamond properly?  Do you know … Continue Reading →

Most Common Mistakes on Buying a Diamond

1) Supposing that all that you need to know in a diamond are disclosed in the certificate which value or price is justified by the certificate Aside from the 4 C’s, most … Continue Reading →

Celebrity Engagement Ring Buzz

Hollywood celebrities are known for fashions especially on the red carpet. Wearing gorgeous gowns for women and nice and tight suits for men makes them look fabulous during their entourage. But … Continue Reading →

Halo Engagement Rings and Celebrities

WHAT ARE HALO ENGAGEMENT RINGS? One of the most popular engagement ring designs right now are the Halo Style Rings.  Halo Engagement Rings are characterized by a center stone bordered by diamonds … Continue Reading →