Buying Engagement Ring during Pandemic

As the world facing the unprecedented times due to COVID-19 virus and the subsequent economic crisis, individuals and businesses are struggling to navigate this precarious season. The diamond market and customers looking to get engaged are no different and the crucial question being raised – “Is this the right time to buy an engagement ring?”

Diamond industry is one of the affected areas by this economic crisis. As a result, jewelry retailers and wholesalers need to generate sales. Significant percentage of diamond and jewelry dealers are willing to reduce prices merely to encourage their customers to buy loose diamonds or engagement rings. As a consumer, that is a good thing and more favorable – it means lower prices for you at the same time you are supporting diamond and jewelry dealers to help them get through these difficult times.

One of the most important things when buying an engagement ring is choosing a reputable company. A dealer that you can trust and be comfortable dealing with as it can make your experiences less stressful and even pleasurable and beneficial. A diamond dealer that will surely educate and give you guidelines on how this thing about diamond and engagement ring works. Buying diamond ring is a significant financial and emotional commitment and can be a daunting decision to make especially in times like this.

The other factor to consider is your own financial position. If you’re considering to purchase a diamond ring, it’s likely that you’ve been saving money to put yourself in a position to do so. If you feel financially secure enough to make a purchase then now appears to be the best time to find and buy your diamond ring and start the next stage of your life together with your partner.

Buying an engagement ring during this pandemic is a matter of the heart. No reason for a pandemic to prevent love or taking a relationship to the next level. Making a decision on when to buy an engagement ring shouldn’t be a purely rational economic decision. It should be a decision that is made when the time is right for you and your relationship.


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