How to Purchase the Right Engagement Ring Online During Pandemic

We get excited with the idea of marriage proposal by finding the perfect engagement ring for the perfect one we decide to spend our life with. Normally, we go on Yelp or Google and search for the right diamond dealer who has the best wholesale price and gives us the best certified diamond.

Since pandemic started it hinders us from almost everything. It limits us to go to a physical jewelry store to choose an engagement ring. If you and your fiancé, friend or family member plan to do this engagement ring search, you may feel naturally disappointed. But it’s not the end of the world.

Fortunately, such condition pushes a lot of diamond dealers to convert their marketing and selling tools virtually either through their own website or marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc. It makes the buying of engagement ring easier and faster.

The Budget

It’s a popular notion that an engagement ring should be ideally equivalent to a 3-month salary. But this cannot be practiced anymore specially in these unprecedented times where lots of people worldwide are currently out of job. Budget we set within our limit must be realistic and easy to pay. You will have an advantage from a wholesale diamond dealer so you can maximize your budget for the best diamond ring. You can even do a trade in for a diamond that you wish to upgrade later on.

The Best Stone

Buying an engagement ring should not be complicated. As you consider your partner’s preference, you also need take into account the diamond quality impacted by 4C’s as an investment:

  1. Cut ~ how diamond reflects light and sparkles
  2. Color ~ the whiter (less color) the better and more expensive that comes as D as most clear down to Z light yellow or brownish
  3. Clarity ~ shows the surface (blemishes) or interior (inclusions) not visible to the naked eye that comes as FL as flawless down to I1, I2 & I3 as Included
  4. Carat Weight ~ diamond size is evaluated by its carat weight and not size.

The Right Ring Size

An engagement ring comes in different finger sizes. For men and women it is best to get a comfortable fit. If you don’t have any clue of her finger’s size and prefer to keep the proposal as a surprise, borrow of one of her rings and base it on women’ general finger sizing guide available online. If you still have doubts what size will fit her best, try to get a larger size and not smaller. It’s better to have an allowance which can always be altered later on.

The Best Style for Settings

It is always a personal choice. If the proposal is a surprise, we suggest to initially get a solitaire ring that you can always change to another style later on. Hence, it will be safer to obtain a clear arrangement from your diamond dealer on their exchange policy. Popular settings are halo, pave and vintage engagement rings.

The Best Metal

There is no specific choice for a metal of a ring. The center stone is the main consideration of what type of metal fits for an overall look of the whole engagement ring. If the diamond quality is on the yellowish side it is recommended to get a yellow gold ring so that the yellowish color of the diamond will not be too obvious since it will blend in the setting. Again, whether 14k 18k in white, yellow or rose gold and platinum, it is always a matter of preference. White gold settings are cheaper than platinum but same durability.

The Shipping & Delivery

Since diamond ring is expensive and very risky to be shipped, you diamond dealer should have a credible courier that fully insures the ring in case of loss or damage. You should obtain a valid tracking number to monitor the shipment.

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