Fascinating Fancy Yellow

The yellow diamond is the most popular form among the colored diamonds family. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Despite the fact that yellow diamonds are known for its rarity, it must be noted that not all yellow diamonds are rare. Its grading is from pale hue to very deep or strong coloring. The more colorful the diamond, the less common it is with value that rises accordingly. However, a yellow diamond gives more affordability to a diamond buyer. If you compare a white diamond to a fancy yellow diamond of the same quality, the latter gives more room to your budget.
  2. The strong and beautiful color of yellow diamonds along with the presence of strong brilliance is so noticeable compared to other colored diamonds.
  3. Most celebrities and known politicians prefer to wear yellow diamonds because the yellowish effect it creates quickly catches others’ attention.


Grading for Yellow Diamonds

There are several color grades for yellow diamonds, from faint yellow to fancy deep yellow. This system of grading is the exact opposite of colorless diamonds. For a colorless diamond, any hue or imperfections can greatly affect the value of a diamond.

Canary Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are classified from pale yellow to vivid deep yellow. The vivid ones are most popular. To differentiate the 2 classifications of yellow diamonds is to use the term “canary diamonds” which refers to the rare vivid yellow and intense yellow diamonds.

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