Rules in Getting an Engagement Ring

What are the rules in getting an Engagement Ring?

Gone are the days when a man would secretly pick out a diamond ring for his girl and the latter would just pretend that she likes the ring as he proposed. Our present culture shows that the best approach is to let her choose the diamond engagement ring herself. Bear in mind that you will just pay the ring once but she will wear that same ring every single day of your marriage. You don’t want to hear her complaining every day, right?

Yet you still want to preserve that element of surprise. You want to see her eyes glowing when you throw the big question. Or maybe you prefer to keep from her the monetary value of that diamond ring. That’s understandable.

Here are the key points to follow so you can buy a wholesale diamond engagement ring that she cannot resist but fall in love with…..

Shape is priority.

Before considering the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity and carat), you must give weight first on the diamond shape that your fiancee prefers. Shape is different to a cut. The shape is the actual geometry of the stone whereas cut is the angles of the facets in a diamond.

Engagement ring is second.

g28_02A setting helps a lot in bringing out the beauty of the center diamond. After getting an idea as to which possible styles for setting she likes, try to work on the kind of ring that will match and blend with the shape, the size and the color of your stone. Not all settings work for all diamonds.

 Safety should also be considered. Make sure that the setting you choose securely holds the center stone especially when your fiancee does a lot of physical activities.

Get a loose stone.

It is a wrong notion to get the setting first then the center stone for it should be the other way around. It will be easier to pick out a ring once you have the shape and size of the diamond. Avoid buying an assembled diamond ring (where center stone is already set on a ring) but rather get and check carefully a loose diamond with a loupe so that you will be able to clearly see the stone including its imperfections.

A good diamond dealer must be able to show you all the characteristics of the stone he or she is selling. Choose a stone with valid grading report issued by an independent gemological association such as GIA and EGL USA. This way you will not only rely on the diamond dealer’s verbal confirmation but on the certification of your stone.

Observe and know her style.

Since buying her an engagement is a top secret you must be very careful in finding ways to find out her style. You can tap her best friend, mom or sibling and let them swear for confidentiality. But if this is a one man job then closely observe jewelries or accessories she usually wear. Does she like white or yellow gold? Is she into vintage jewelries or classic pieces? Does she like high prongs or low type of setting?  Study her well and take mental notes to totally capture her style.

Take note on the importance of metal for her ring.

Again, after observing her style, you must identify also her preference for the metal of her ring. Platinum is one of the most popular choices. It is very durable and pure making it hypoallergenic for those who have highly sensitive skin. But if she is not sensitive, 14 or 18 karat gold is another great option.

Find out her ring size.

See if she has rings that she wears on her engagement finger. If none, you can request privately her best friend or family member to get hold of that size so you can have the diamond ring sized correctly.  Otherwise, simply get a standard size of ring which is 6. But let your jeweler be aware of the resizing ahead of time so that you’ll be able to know if the setting you are getting is possible to be resized.

Consider your Budget.

Be realistic on your spending ability. Buying an engagement ring shouldn’t be financially draining. Remember that the size and quality of a diamond will never be a gauge for the depth of love you have for your girl. It is the thought behind the gift. If you’re looking for a certain budget, go to Los Angeles Diamond District or aka Los Angeles Jewelry District where you will find most competitive diamond wholesalers. You will definitely save a lot, maximizing your budget towards the best quality stone as compared to going to a jewelry store where prices are usually in triple key.

Find a diamond dealer flexible for an exchange of setting.

When you purchase the engagement ring secretly, make sure that the diamond dealer has the flexibility when it comes to exchange in case your fiancee is not happy with the setting. Good option also is for a dealer who can allow you to get a temporary ring that matches your stone until you and fiancee are ready to come back and choose the right setting that she likes.






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