Laser Drilled Diamond

What is a laser-drilled diamond? Is it advisable to buy it for your engagement ring? 

Not all diamonds that sparkle are naturally made because some of them are artificially enhanced or treated. One of these enhancement procedures is called laser drilling. Let’s find out what laser drilling is and how it affects the artificial beauty of a diamond?

What is Laser Drilling?

Laser drilling is a means to improve a stone with inferior clarity. This procedure includes the use of laser to drill small holes which are finer than a hair in the stone. This goes all the way from its surface towards an inclusion inside. The channel created will be the way to eliminate the inclusions by dissolving it with acid or with heat. This kind of treatment is mostly applied to get rid of visible inclusions like black spots.

How Does Laser Drilling Enhance The Clarity Of A Diamond?

The clarity development that can beBody Image 2 expected in a laser-drilled diamond is about 1 grade up. If for example, you have an SI stone and laser drilling is applied to remove the obvious inclusions, this same stone can be upgraded to become VS clarity. Rarely, we could see a 2 grade jump not because it is not possible but too much laser drilling would definitely compromise the appearance and sturdiness of the diamond and also to be set in a beautiful engagement ring eventually. The more the clarity improvement applied (requiring more holes to drill and more channels to make), the more fragile the diamond structure becomes.

What Is The Drawback Of A Laser Drilled Diamond?

The easiest means to detect if a diamond undergoes a laser drilling is to check its diamond report or certification as a laboratory would normally indicate if the diamonds are presence of drill holes in the stone.

If the stone does not have certificate, seek for a reliable diamond dealer in Los Angeles Diamond District who can examine through microscope. This will actually let you see the number of channels being drilled in a stone you are about to purchase.

What Does Fracture Filling Mean?

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Since we discovered the visible holes a laser drilling can leave in the stone, there is also an artificial make up that a diamond cutter can apply in order the make that holes less obvious. This process is called fracture filling where the cutter fills the tunnels and cavities with a crystal substance.

Beware Buyers: Laser Drilling Activities Are Sometimes Undisclosed

It’s always best to get a trusted diamond dealer in buying a diamond so that you will be assured that the stone you are buying are naturally cut and genuinely graded. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States does not require for a direct disclosure of laser drilling enhancements upon selling a diamond to a consumer. It is primarily due to the fact that when a diamond’s clarity undergoes an enhancement procedure it will be permanent. An SI stone that is improved to become VS will now always be VS.

Such disclosure regulations may change, but as a consumer you are entitled for a proper and accurate information on a product that you are buying. Doing a research and asking questions are always the best tools. Do not be content with the paperwork a diamond dealer has but always throw questions about the diamond. And as much as possible make sure that the stone also has a legitimate laboratory certification such as GIA, EGL or IGI to verify everything.

Is It Advisable to Get A Laser Drilled Diamond If The Budget Is Limited?

This will be a matter of choice. Consider the pros and cons of what you are buying. Others would compromise the quality over the quantity, getting a lower durability laser drilled stone over a natural diamond just to fit within their budget. Please be reminded that the more holes present in a diamond, the weaker the diamond structure is.

Again, a wise judgment would surely lead you to the right decision. Would you rather spend cheaper for a diamond that might be questionable later on (vulnerable in chipping or cracking)?  Or spend a little more and be at peace knowing that you are getting a natural diamond as investment in the future.





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