What is the Difference between Cushion Brilliant and Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds?

Now that you are sure with the woman whom you are bringing to the altar, you love her ways and her style and you’re even determined to fulfill her dream… It’s time to get a diamond that would seal your love forever. So then, choosing a diamond engagement ring especially the center stone is very significant and should be memorable.

Learning that she wants a cushion cut diamond engagement ring, you’re on for the search for that perfect cushion cut diamond. But first and foremost, you need to obtain a clear cut understanding of a cushion cut diamond that now comes in two categories: Cushion Brilliant and Cushion Modified Brilliant Diamonds.


In the mid 1920s, cushion cut diamonds have fewer and longer facets, with deeper and smaller face size to weight ratio known as vintage or antique cushion. Though these vintage cushions have a certain character because of its antiquity, they are less brilliant compared to the modern properly cut cushions mainly due to the absence of skills and technology in that period.  

Cushion Brilliant Diamond versus Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond

The modern cushion cut diamonds are classified as either “Cushion Brilliant” or “Cushion Modified Brilliant“. GIA Laboratory has made distinctions of these 2 kinds of cushion based on technical faceting standard which should not be conclusive as it does not guarantee a more brilliant or superior cushion cut diamond.

We must remember that every cushion cut diamond is different. We need to make sure that we work with a trusted diamond dealer who can lead you to the right direction. You should also derive your diamond selection from beauty, brilliance and character of a diamond. Do not be too carried away with the technical information such as found in a diamond certification instead choose a stone based on its actual appearance and your personal preference as well.


A. Cushion Brilliant diamonds have common faceting arrangements as round brilliant cut diamonds. The facets formations in the pavilion of a cushion brilliant are extended from the center of the diamond out toward the girdle or outer edge, forming a star look. It has larger facets without “crushed ice” appearance.  It rather resembles the appearance of a round cut diamond with pillow like or cushion cut shape making it more popular and attractive.

B. Cushion Modified Brilliant diamonds are characterized by an extra row of facets below the girdle. But its facets on the pavilion do not actually reach the girdle, resembling a flower shape look. Cushion modified brilliants often carry an exceptional sparkle reminiscent like a ‘sparkling water’ or ‘crushed ice appearance’ of well-cut radiant shape stone.  And since these kinds of cushions have fewer demands in the market and diamond cutters save more weight when it is cut from a rough diamond crystal, they are less costly than a traditional cushion brilliant cut diamonds.

Additionally, there was a third technique discovered by diamond cutters to unite the appeal of the cushion brilliant with the brilliance and scintillation of a cushion modified brilliant known as hybrid cushion brilliants. These diamonds have four pavilion facets that goes from the center of the diamond out toward the girdle similar to cushion brilliant but with modified facets in between them. These added facets bring out more sparkle and fire to the diamond while the top part projects larger faceting like the brilliant round cut. Through this technique, cutters of diamonds are now capable to create cushion cut diamonds that retain the carat size and appearance of a modified cushion with the look of a classic cushion brilliant diamond.




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