10 Important Points To Consider in Choosing a Jeweler / Diamond Dealer

How to shop for a Certified Loose Diamond and Engagement Ring?

Start by finding a Wholesale Diamond Dealer you trust.

Finding a wholesale diamond dealer is as significant as learning the diamond specifications and price points in diamond buying. Purchasing a diamond engagement ring or certified loose diamond in Los Angeles isn’t like buying a major appliance or a car as diamond speaks its own language and valued by its own exquisite intricacies. Hence, it entails an expertise to determine the quality, the style and the way these expensive diamond jewelry pieces are offered and sold. And not only the monetary aspect is involved, a buyer also makes an emotional investment in purchasing the perfect diamond for the perfect occasion calling for a crucial step — getting a diamond dealer that you can depend on.

Building a relationship of trust with your dealer contributes a lot in making your diamond purchase experience worthwhile. Here are the ten important things you must consider before diving into the pool of diamonds:

1) A diamond dealer must be credentialed and established.Body Image 1

Integrity is one of the most important characteristics of a reputable dealer. A jewelry company popularized by advertisements and other forms of promotion should be the very least to consider in purchasing. Making your own research online through visiting the website, calling the company and checking its reviews from different social medias help a lot in validating the credible existence of a dealer.

Be sure that they are member of Better Business Bureau with A+ Rating or The jewelers Board of Trade.

2) A diamond dealer should know how to listen.

– A good diamond dealer must be open to listen to the buyer. He should not be pushy with his own interests especially when huge amount of money is involved.

– A diamond dealer must focus on the bride, her diamond qualifications including her desires, needs and style.

– A diamond dealer is ready to showcase a good selection of quality diamonds and well-crafted engagement rings and guiding the buyer according to the latter’s preference.

3) A diamond dealer must carry an extensive tool of services.

Body Image 2– An established diamond dealer must be or must have a trained in-house gemologist who can walk you through the different properties of precious stones and able to help you in finding the best stone within the diamond criteria and price requirement that you set.

– A diamond dealer must know or have an experienced and dependable setter who can accommodate any kind of repairs or jobs for your diamond jewelry.

– Having a special software for designing custom pieces is also an advantage if you are looking to get a specific style of a ring.

4) A diamond dealer must be knowledgeable.

A diamond dealer must be well-equipped to answer each and every inquiry or concern you have about the diamond and engagement ring with confidence and ease. He must have the expertise in the diamond specifications and fine jewelry components so that you can be fully aware the value of the engagement ring you are buying for your own future investment and insurance purposes.

5) A diamond dealer must have an office or a store with a good collection of diamonds and engagement rings.

A credible diamond dealer should be situated in a legal and decent office or store and carry a wide selection of diamonds and engagement rings such as in Los Angeles Jewelry District where trusted diamond dealers are located. Though diamond dealer may carry a huge inventory of diamonds and settings he should know how to give space to the buyer by getting the latter’s preference on diamond requirements, ring style and budget without overwhelming the buyer.

6) A diamond dealer must be open to teach the know-how of diamond buying and explain the basic information like 4C’s (carat, color, clarity & cut) to his customer.

A regular buyer may not know much about the characteristics of a diamond and would probably base his judgment on the total appearance of the stone. But a genuine and transparent diamond dealer goes beyond his customer’s needs and willingly share the basic yet important aspects of a diamond and how it is graded. This way, a buyer will have a clear idea of the real value of a diamond he is planning to purchase.

7) A diamond dealer should know how to handle diamond certification and appraisal.Body Image 3

A diamond dealer must be confident enough to suggest the buyer to verify his diamond certification and/or appraisal to a legitimate and independent gem lab like Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (I.G.I), EGL USA Gemological Laboratory or American Gem Society (AGS), in order to validate the authenticity of the diamond he is selling.

8) A diamond dealer must have clear and established policies for warranties & returns.

A good buy of a diamond or diamond jewelry should also be followed with clear policies when it comes to warranties and returns. Don’t buy diamond out of impulse just because the stone and its price look very attractive. Have a good understanding of the terms and conditions provided by the diamond dealer before making a purchase. This will save yourself from headache later on when you decide to upgrade, trade, insure or sell your diamond.

9) A diamond dealer must also have a valid marking of precious metal in the engagement ring.

When you buy a diamond engagement ring you must also consider the quality of gold being used on the ring. It should have a proper stamp of 10K, 14K, 18K or PLT (platinum). A good wholesale diamond dealer would not be hesitant to show you this stamp on the jewelries he is selling.

10) A diamond dealer must be trustworthy in all aspects.

Body Image 4As the saying goes “Promises are meant to be broken” and this should not be happening with the jeweler whom you are getting your diamond. Don’t be carried away by and rely on the dealer’s words of assurance but know the dealer’s background from online reviews, membership with legitimate institutions such as Better Business Bureau and The Jewelers Board of Trade, referral of a relative or friend, and the reputation in the community. Doing a research about the dealer is one of the effective preparations as you take your first step in looking and choosing your diamond.

Embracing all significant points mentioned above would surely result to a real good deal as well as fruitful and long lasting relationship with your diamond dealer grounded in confidence and trust.



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