How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Our culture dictates that to measure the love of a man is to gauge the size of the diamond he has for his girl. Wrong! Buying for a diamond engagement ring should be pure, fulfilling, joyful and practical, and NOT strenuous! You must consider the long term effect in purchasing an engagement ring because both of your future is at stake.  There are more significant elements that need to be considered like wedding, honeymoon and life after the wedding, where your savings or credit cards will surely be tried and tested.

Don’t ever allow anyone tell you what to spend!

The fifth C is as important as the 4C’s – the Cost. The amount involved in getting an engagement ring is very personal. The old tradition goes that it takes two to three months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring.  But let the depth of your love and not the depths of your pocket influence your purchase. Do not let this tradition affect on how much you should spend. It must entirely be up to and your fiancée.

Three months’ salary is obsolete…..

We are now facing an increasing cost of living, graduating from college with more student loans, low entry level salaries at work, and many more challenging changes in our economy. Setting aside 3 months’ salary for an engagement ring is a big chunk of money, and you sacrifice all other reasons that are more significant in getting engaged.

Should you apply for loan to afford an engagement ring?

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As you get married everything becomes conjugal and that includes debt. Do not give your wife a temporary happiness with a big diamond but a long term agony in paying a huge credit card bill. Nowadays, it is but normal to be indebted before marrying. There may be forms of financial obligations such as student loan, home mortgage, etc. that we need to fulfill for years. If debt-free is impossible at least to be less indebted is better as you enter into marriage.

If you plan to finance the diamond ring either through line of credit or credit card, assess your financial capacity first.  If you wish to propose sooner but have no available cash, borrowing a reasonable amount at quickest payment term like 12 months or less is fine.

How much should an engagement ring cost?

If you will base the price of an engagement at other people’s expectation then it will be very costly. It must be done this way — whatever you think is realistic for you to afford, then, that it the right cost.

Finding a credible and trusted jeweler also matters a lot. Some jewelers would stretch your spending limit merely to sell the big stone. Others would offer you a diamond at a cheaper price but very low quality. A good and honest jeweler would ask for your budget and maximize it for the best possible quality stone; the same business approach that we practice to our customers for our main goal is total customer satisfaction.

How to find the best deal for a diamond engagement ring?

Searching online and visiting jewelry stores will help you compare and identify quality diamonds with better prices. But you should be aware of the kind of pricing they offer. Finding a diamond dealer in Los Angeles that offers diamonds at a wholesale price would definitely save you a lot of money. Other stores tend to convert its price into triple key. But when buying from a wholesaler you automatically cut the portion of the middleman and the retail store maximizing now your budget towards the best quality diamond.

Best Suggestion? After making your research, plan to visit Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District with over 5,000 independent diamond and jewelry dealers having the best wholesale prices and highest quality certified diamonds. Avoid getting overwhelmed, begin with reputable wholesale companies and you will see how competitive their prices are as compared with retail stores. Be sure to check the company’s reviews not on the quantity (number of reviews) but on the quality (rate of reviews). Coming prepared and equipped will help you become wise and practical shopper.



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