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If you are looking to sell your diamonds, we can help. Please describe the stone you are currently selling, and we will contact you. Please try to answer the questions below as best as you can.

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At Sarah Pourch Design, we offer reasonable prices and helpful services to fulfill your diamond selling needs. Selling your Diamonds whether it may be a diamond ring or diamond necklace is simple and fast with Sarah Pourch Design.

Since the beginning of time diamonds have been the most sought after rock the world has ever known. Did you know that diamonds are the hardest material on earth, they are so hard that some drilling companies even use them at the tip of their drills. There are many factors that are taken into consideration before pricing a diamond. However there are 4 main ones known as the 4 C's, carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. These 4 are highly analyzed before the worth of a diamond is determined.

Sell My Diamond - Diamond Features and Specifications

Carats is a measurement that concludes the weight of a diamond, 1ct is equal to .2 grams. Carat weight is a good indicator of the size of a diamond which is a huge factor to the price of a diamond. Diamond color is determined by our specialists using an artificial light. Diamond color can be rated from D to Z, D being the most colorless and Z being a bland yellow. Diamond clarity is what makes diamonds so attractive to the human eye; it provides a luxurious and exquisite beauty that amazes anyone who looks upon a diamond. Diamond clarity is mainly determined by how flawless a diamond is, flawless meaning free of any scratches and blemishes. Furthermore diamond clarity is also judged by other characteristics such as position, size, and brightness. Diamond cut refers to the shape of a diamond. Generally people often think that diamonds only come in a circle however there are many other shapes that it can be. The 6 other most popular shapes of a diamond are oval, marquise, pear, princess, rectangle, and heart. These are the 4 main factors that are used for diamond pricing. If you are wondering how to sell your diamond then you should simply just contact us by emailing us or calling us toll-free at 1-877-623-9494. Please call and schedule an appointment for an in-person assessment.

Your Local Diamond Buyer – Sarah Pourch Design

Sarah Pourch Design is an excellent place to be selling your diamond. At Sarah Pourch Design we ensure every sale is fair and we pay the highest value for your diamond. Our reputation is very important to us and we want to make sure you will be pleased with the transaction and receive the exact amount of value that your diamond deserves.

To get top value for your diamond, Make sure to sell your diamond ring through Sarah Pourch Design!

Many of our customers get surprised when we tell them how much their diamond is worth. Give us a try you will not be disappointed! To sell your diamond please fill out the form above. After submitting your information, a representative from Sarah Pourch Design will contact you with an offer.

*Gem Dynasty is not affiliated with Sarah Pourch Design in any way and does not engage in purchasing any merchandise from the public. By filling out the form above users agree that their information will be provided to Sarah Pourch Design.

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