Gia Certified Diamond

Is the Purchase of GIA-Certified Loose Diamonds Really Worth It?

For the inexperienced diamond buyer, they are usually confronted with the dilemma of purchasing certified or non-certified diamonds. The solution to your quandary is relatively simple. The inexperienced diamond buyer with an untrained eye cannot spot the manmade or natural inclusions existing in every stone the way in which an experienced buyer can. So if price is your only consideration when purchasing loose diamonds, non-certified stones will most likely suffice. However, if you have a more discerning taste in diamonds and want quality as well as value, then purchase only Certified GIA diamonds.

Diamond Certification

Diamond certificates or diamond grading reports as they are oftentimes called is a document that lists the characteristics and details of the loose stones that you are purchasing as well as evaluating the price of the stone compared to similar market values. The loose diamond specifications of carat weight, clarity, color, and cut or the 4 C's of diamond evaluating and grading are also listed in the certificate. Diamond certificates are typically issued by key independent authorities that are reputable, trustworthy, and not affiliated with any retail jeweler or jewelry business.

The Advantage of Buying GIA-Certified Loose Diamonds

Whether it is the purchase of Loose GIA diamonds or any other types of precious stones, it is not just a matter of buying these stones.  The purchase of loose diamonds or pre-set stones should be viewed as an investment as well.  Therefore, the value of those stones as well as the method by which they have been graded is extremely important.  In conclusion, if you want to purchase diamonds of great quality and value, look for those stones that are GIA-Certified.  It is your assurance of a diamond’s authenticity and that you are purchasing a genuine stone and not one that is manmade or synthetic.

About the Gemological Institute of America

More commonly referred to as the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America is dedicated to the education and research of gemology and jewelry as well as being a not-for-profit entity. They are committed to the protection of consumers, re-sellers, retailers and wholesalers by maintaining set standards for evaluating the quality and value of precious gems. This is accomplished through the utilization of diamond grading services, extensive research, gem identification, and numerous educational programs. Additionally, the GIA developed their own diamond grading system as well as the 4 C's of diamond evaluation (see above).

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