When it comes to sparkle it is better understand the nature of these two diamonds. Cushion cut diamond that comes from the group of brilliant cut aims to deliver sparkle whereas asscher cut diamond is made to show “clearness”. Not all cushion cut diamonds, however, characterize same quality of brilliance. The “crushed ice” type of cushion sparkles more than the classic cushion stone.




Sparkle on Clarity

The role of sparkle and brilliance affects the clarity in the form if visibility of flaws in a diamond. Since a cushion cut diamond carries more brilliance the inclusions are less visible than an asscher cut of the same clarity. When you decide for an asscher cut diamond you need to consider the location and size of its inclusion in order to get a more shiny stone.

Sparkle on Color

Sparkle of a diamond greatly affects the color. When you compare 2 diamonds with visibility of yellowish tints, the diamond with more sparkle will look less in color because the more sparkle the less yellow tint shows.


By popularity, since a cushion cut diamond gives more sparkle people tend to choose it over an asscher cut. Cushion cut stone appears much better because it has more sparkle and brilliance softening visible coloration of a diamond.


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