Cushion-Cut Brilliant or Cushion-Cut Modified Diamonds? Which Should You Choose?

Cushion- cut diamonds remain quite popular and have remained popular for decades. Two of the most loved types of cut cushion diamonds remain the cushion brilliant, and the cushion modified brilliant cuts. What’s the difference between these two cuts? And why should you look for these cuts of diamonds when shopping for a wholesale diamond Los Angeles? Here’s the information you need to make the right choice when buying cushion-cut Los Angeles engagement rings.

Cushion-Cut Brilliant Diamonds

Cushion-cut brilliant diamonds refer to the faceting of the stone. This diamond cut uses perpendicularly cuts diamonds. These facets resemble triangles.

The triangular angles cut into a cushion cut brilliant diamond were developed and pioneered by Marcel Tolkowsky. Diamonds cut in this way produce an increased amount of brilliance and fire, enhancing the looks of the diamond. The outline, or basic overall shape, of the gem, remained the same.

The overall look of the cushion-cut brilliant diamond might look like a star internally. It also looks like a pillow or a cushion shape with significant, brilliant facets. The shape, sparkle, and fire of a cushion-cut brilliant diamond make them a trendy choice in diamonds.

Cushion-Cut Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut modified brilliant stones have some similarities to the original shape of the cushion brilliant’s shape. A cushion modified brilliant diamond has an extra row of facets directly under the girdle. The pavilion’s facets don’t reach the girdle, however. The diamond’s facets resemble a flower shape.

Diamonds with a cushion modified brilliant-cut contain exceptional sparkle. Some experts call the sparkle of this diamond’s cut a “crushed ice” appearance. Cushion-cut modified brilliant diamonds allow cutters to save weight when the stone is cut, plus there remains less demand for the cushion modified cut. For these reasons, the cushion modified brilliant-cut diamond usually costs less than does the cushion -cut brilliant diamond. Rely on your jewelry expert for excellent advice on the type of cushion-cut diamond you should choose for your engagement ring.

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