5 Tips to Choose the Right Engagement Ring Design

Looking for that perfect engagement ring? Want to surprise your partner? Out of ideas? First of all congratulations on taking the big step! Secondly, don’t worry for we have got you covered. We believe that choosing the perfect ring design might turn out to be hectic for some people. The reason is that there is a world of options when it comes to choosing the perfect ring design. We bring to you certain tips that might help you out in taking the next step.


There is a saying which you might have heard that each person is different. This simply means that we all have our choices, our likes and dislikes, and our priorities. Choosing the diamond that will sit as the center stone is very crucial and it is strongly recommendable if the center stone is to be chosen first then the engagement ring because the shape of the center stone will somehow dictate the style of the engagement ring.

A. Diamond Shape

Thinking outside the box sometimes lands you in beneficial zones. You might be amazed to know that there are approximately ten standard shapes in which a diamond is usually cut. The most common choice? A round shape. Studies suggest that one can save up to 40 percent if he/she chooses a shape other than round. Some other non-round, a bit inexpensive, but very popular shapes are:

  1. Princess cut
  2. Cushion cut
  3. Pear cut
  4. Oval cut
  5. Emerald cut
  6. Radiant cut

B. 4 C’s

While deciding for the diamond shape you need to also look out for 4 c’s. Choose the diamond according to these parameters and you will be happy to see the results!

  1. Cut
  2. Clarity
  3. Carat
  4. Color


There are certain factors that come into play while choosing the perfect ring design for her. A ring is the representative of your feelings and will exhibit your expressions in a true manner. You need to focus on her choices. What she likes, what are her preferences, what she likes to do and how. Keeping all of these things in mind is imperative to selecting a style for her.

You can choose a classic solitaire setting as it displays the center diamond in a prominent way. This type of setting, comprised of one center diamond, is the most popular one for engagement rings. A plain metal band goes with the exquisite features of the solitaire settings. You can also choose a three stone engagement ring, halo setting and other modern style and elegant rings that goes perfectly to the center stone.

A. Metal of Ring

Knowing the type of metal for the engagement ring is also important. White gold, platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold are popular choices when it comes to choosing the perfect precious metal for the engagement ring. While white gold and platinum currently dominate the trends but a rise is also seen in popularity of rose gold as the primary choice.

B. Size of Ring

Although, this seems like mammoth of a task, literally! But it’s not impossible. The most common range for a women’s ring size is 6 – 6.5 and we would advise you to focus more towards the larger side. One more thing that you can also do is to take a peek inside her jewelry box, take a ring, get it sized, and put it back in time. Even if this doesn’t work out, most of the jewelers have a resize policy so just check on before buying.

There are some of the tips which might help you out while you are wondering how to start the search. Always remember! The secret lies in knowing her. You are the best judge and the best planner. So, keep these tips in mind and good luck for the future!


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