What are the differences of GIA and EGL Certification?

Diamond certification otherwise known as diamond 2252114320grading report is a special kind of certification use to validate a diamond on its characteristics.  The diamond is submitted by an owner to a diamond laboratory that evaluates and gives the findings of specific diamond being certified.  It is also important because it verifies the quality of the diamond and guides non-experts to educate them in buying diamond.  Nowadays people are looking for a certified diamond for their diamond ring but the question is – Are you sure that the certified diamond you are buying is legitimate?  Diamond laboratories such as IGI (International Gemological Institute), AGS (American Gem Society) and HRD evaluate and certify the diamond.  There are two popularly known and acknowledged worldwide diamond laboratories that topped our list: GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratories).  GIA and EGL USA are one of the most trusted and well known diamond graders whereas EGL is very popular and more accessible here in the United States.

Diamond experts are always comparing these two diamond (GIA and EGL USA) if which one is better to use.  Consumers consider EGL certification because the processing fee is way cheaper than going to GIA and faster to complete and obtain the certificate.  But most people prefer GIA over EGL USA but the price of GIA grading and certification is way beyond higher compare to EGL and this will come out of the end users pocket.  These two diamond certifications are the most preferred provider of certificates compare to other independent gemological laboratories.  So why settle for IGI, AGS or even HRD certifications if you can spend few more dollars to get GIA or EGL certification for your diamond ring?

6167652185Whenever purchasing an engagement ring, this would give consumers an answer to their long time question, should I consider buying a diamond without certificate? Or should I focus on buying certified diamond instead?  Buyers must choose to a get a diamond with an EGL USA or GIA certification for the purpose of validity and its worth for insurance purposes or for future investment.  There are plenty of diamond dealers as well as jewelry stores that sell beautiful loose diamonds without certification.  The best places to purchase loose diamonds are in Los Angeles Jewelry District aka Los Angeles Diamond District where you will find some reputable wholesale diamond dealers.  Best way to find the most reputable wholesale diamond dealers is either finding them on Yelp or on Google by looking their reviews from other customers.  As far as certificates, our recommendation is GIA and EGL graders are truly the most recommended diamond laboratories in the world and by far the best in terms of certifying those precious stones.






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